The Bonus World

Hi there,

You might be wondering who we are or what we’re doing here.  Maybe you’re a fan already and this whole, website thing is throwing you off.  That’s totally understandable.  We haven’t exactly been very clear or transparent with our whereabouts or what’s going on.  Let’s clear that all up, shall we?

What is The Bonus World these days?

We’re a group of individuals who have come together to play video games and entertain you.  Sprinkled on top of that is the occasional written piece about a game or the industry at large.  We won’t ever be your prime source for reviews or anything of the sort.  That just isn’t the arena we want to play in.

Okay, so what’s with the website?

Well, we wanted a home outside of YouTube.  Besides, we can’t exactly post articles or written reviews to YouTube.

I thought you weren’t doing reviews?  Are you a bunch of liars or something?

I mean, that’s kind of harsh.  But I get what you mean.  So one of the things we wanted to achieve with The Bonus World was making a website that was less rigid in structure.  The way I see it, if one of our writers wants to write something about the latest e-sports thing, they are more than welcome to.  If there’s a game that they think warrants a written review about, then be my guest.  Our writers are mostly free to write what they want.

Writers?  There’s more of you?

Well, yeah.  At the moment our numbers aren’t massive and our output is low.  In the near future we hope to expand our output and put up some more interesting stuff for our readers and viewers.

You guys seem unprepared.  Like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Once again, ouch.  But you’re not entirely wrong.  We aren’t professionals at this, we’ve never run this kind of thing before.  We’re learning and adjusting as we go.

So, what’s the endgame here?

Genuinely, I don’t know.  On one hand, it would be super neat to have a community form around this thing we’re doing.  We’d love to entertain people for as long as we can.  Alternatively, this is fun for us.  We enjoy doing this kind of thing.  Maybe it’ll grow into something amazing, maybe it wont.  I can’t see what’s ahead, but so far the journey seems like a lot of fun.

I’m potentially in.  But what can I expect in the near future?

Well, that’s a big question.  You’ll definitely see some streams and the occasional written piece.  There are some games coming up that we’re looking to cover in some way, shape or form.  Right now we’re feeling this thing out.  We’re deciding how we want to present things and package them, but we’ve got some goals we’re working towards.  But in the immediate future, probably the streams and video archives.

You got a streaming schedule?

Nope.  Fast and loose, remember?  We have day jobs and other responsibilities in our lives that eat up our time and chip away at any sort of schedule.  What I will say is, we’re tentatively looking at one a week, just for the time being.  But it could be more than that, easily.  We certainly do encourage you to follow our Twitter to stay up to date on that stuff though.  Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for the video archives we put up.

Anything else I should know?

Just that we appreciate you being here and being patient with us as we continue forward.  So thanks, from all of us.


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