Blog: Actual Human Physics – 08/21/19

On numerous occasions I've mentioned my particular fondness for physics-based wackiness, but looking through the history of this site I don't think I've actually talked about one of my favorite examples of that. If you haven't heard of it, allow me to put Human Fall Flat on your radar, because it's damn good fun.

Blog: Everyone Needs to Calm Down – 08/14/19

Late last year the Epic Games Launcher was released to much cynicism and side eyeing from the gaming audience. I won't lie, I was also incredibly skeptical of the product and for the most part I still am, but I am glad to see that there's some real competition in the PC games marketplace for once. Unfortunately, some people aren't...

Building a New Splinter Cell

if Hitman and Metal Gear could reboot themselves so successfully, Splinter Cell should be able to as well. While it's easy to say that Splinter Cell should just do the same thing those games did, it can't. There are fundamental differences in the way those games play that just don't translate perfectly. But if we were to cherry pick elements from either of those games to slot into a new Splinter Cell, I bet you'd come back with something pretty good...

Blog: A Hike I Like – 08/07/19

Last week, a delightful little game was released on Steam called A Short Hike. It's about your character, an anthropomorphic bird lady, who decided to get away from it all and head out to the mountains with her aunt. Your goal is simple: make your way to the top of the tallest mountain...

Blog: Time to Unwind – 07/24/19

Since a few days ago when I posted my piece on the first few hours with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, I can't say that I've played much else. That isn't because I'm so head over heels for the game, rather, I just haven't played anything that's really revved my engine as of late.