Blog: The Pepperoni Pummeler – 03/14/18

Welcome to the Blog-o-dome, a place where words about video games fall out of my head and on fly onto the screen in poorly constructed sentences with questionable grammar and syntax.  All who enter are doomed to have to read the bullshit that I write.

This week in bullshit that I write; video games.  What a surprise, right?



Every day when I feel like playing something without having to think too hard about it, I consider playing Dragon Ball Fighter Z.  It’s weird, I’m sure a lot of people in my age range remember catching episodes of that show on Toonami or something, but for something like 15 years, I haven’t really thought of that show.  After seeing the commotion and fervor around Fighter Z though, I figured I’d burn an Amazon gift card on it and give it a whirl.  Much to my surprise, I really like it a lot.

I like not having to be a fighting game wizard to appreciate what Fighter Z has going on.  The game has a great dial-a-combo system that rewards you with some flashy nonsense if you just mash the X button enough.  It also rewards you for learning some of its simple combos and commands with slightly flashier and more powerful nonsense.  I may not about the deep lore of DBZ or what a Beerus is, but I know that I’m having a grand ole time with Dragon Ball Fighter Z.


Sea Of Thieves Beta.00_16_03_34.Still001

This past weekend the Sea Of Thieves Beta was announced to be the last one run before its launch day later this month.  With that being said, they also announced that this beta would be open to the public.  So we booted up a session on Friday and played around with it and streamed it out.  We had a pretty good time with it, but was constantly reminded how empty that game is.  In our few hours with it, we never encountered enemy players, and basically kept running the same gold finding quests over and over.  It was a lot of fun to play with a friend, but man the beta was a very thin experience.

Here’s hoping the full version is full of goofs and scrambles for my friends and I to get into.



Alright, alright, I know, but follow me here.  Good Pizza, Great Pizza (GPGP) is a free mobile game that is actually a whole lot of fun, albeit repetitive.  So allow me to paint you a marinara colored image.  You get the wild and crazy idea of opening up your own pizza shop right up there on main street.  It’s a great location and people have always told you that you make the greatest pizzas on “make your own pizza night.”  With an oven and a dream you decide to make fantasy a reality and start slinging pizzas professionally.

Day one, some motherfucker from the pizzeria across the street walks in and starts smack talking you and your pizza abilities.  You silence the the part of your brain that tells you to use his blood as the sauce for your pizzas and endure his few lines of bullshit so you can take your first customer.

Sometimes people will be straight forward with you and ask you for a pepperoni and cheese, or a cheese but well done or something.  But then you realize that this entire town is populated with people who love to order pizza in riddles.  Things like “I LOVE PEPPERONI BUT IF YOU HAVE SAUSAGE THAT’S EVEN BETTER,” or “I WANT A PIZZA WITH NO MEAT, MINERALS, OR VEGETABLES ON IT,” which obviously means they want a fucking mushroom pizza.

You tap the dough, and smear sauce and cheese and toppings on the pizza, cook it and send them on their way.  Mess up an order or take too long, people might demand a refund or leave you no tip.

There isn’t a lot of depth here, it’s just a fun and repetitive experience that can help you easily burn 10 minutes at a time.  There are some micro transactions, but they aren’t in your face about it or anything, although if you want to customize your pizzeria at all, you might need to kick in a few real bucks for the fake pizza bux to accomplish that.

So that’s been my week mostly.  Video games are dumb, but they’re also good… sometimes.

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