Blog: Mundane? More Like Fun-Dane! – 05/23/18

So here’s the thing, I like playing what could be perceived as mundane games.  Games that make you play through something that resembles an actual job.  These games are great for when I want to play something but not really have to pay attention to it.  You could call them, “Games to Watch Movies To.”  Here are some of my favorites.



This one is pretty new and I’m kind of in love with it.  The premise is that you’re a contractor who is tasked with fixing all the shit wrong with a house.  Painting walls, cleaning the garbage out, refurnishing, patching holes in the wall, etc.  You do this until you can afford to buy some rundown dumpster homes, and make it a house worth selling.  Rinse and repeat.  The game is kind of broken and has some quality of life issues that need to be addressed, but I still think it’s great.



Now, I’ve only played Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, but I’m fairly certain I can recommend the others in the series safely.  There’s something oddly satisfying about buying a rusted out shitbox of a car for pennies on the dollar, fixing that baby up and selling it for five times what I paid for it.  That and it was kind of cool to get an inside look at the engine of a car.



This one is awesome.  You drive a big ol’ truck across a vague representation of the west coast of America, delivering various sorts of cargo.  It’s a good game to listen to a podcast to.  My only hangup with American Truck Simulator is that I don’t have a racing wheel, which would make that experience so much better.



This one has been around for a while and is probably the easiest way to waste a few hours.  The concept is pretty stellar.  You play as a janitor who is cleaning up a level after the protagonist of a shooter got done with it.  That means cleaning all the blood and guts out of the level.  It’s super repetitive and can even be mind numbing to an extent, but still oddly satisfying when you finally finish cleaning everything.

2 thoughts on “Blog: Mundane? More Like Fun-Dane! – 05/23/18

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