Blog: Subscription Hell – 10/03/18

Much like rearranging the furniture or throwing out a bunch of crap you’ve accumulated over the years, it felt nice to take stock of the subscriptions I had, and even better when I discarded the ones that I didn’t need anymore.  But seeing how much money I was spending on services I barely used was a real eye opening experience.

For instance, I primarily play games on my PC, but up until about a month ago I was still paying for PlayStation Plus.  I don’t think I’ve played any multiplayer games on my PS4 or even the “free” games you get, in a very long time.  But every month, ten dollars would vanish from my bank account anyway.

Another one that I chopped off was my Humble Monthly subscription.  In the past few months, the big flagship games that were promoted were all games that I already owned, and barely played as is.  I’m also willing to bet that the October offerings are going to be of a significantly more spooky tone, and since I’m a wimp, I’m okay missing out on those too.  Also, I already have too many games, I don’t need a service that’s going to just inundate me with more of them, as well as duplicates.

But it isn’t all bad, I still have various video streaming ones like Netflix and Hulu, but I use those way more often than anything I’ve listed thus far.  I also have a portfolio site that I should probably cancel, because the amount of job offers I’ve received since making the damn thing has been zero.  Oh, and let’s not forget the monthly blood money I pay to Adobe to use their suite of products.

This whole post kind of got away from me, but what I’m trying to impart upon you is that it feels good to take stock of your current situation.  To step back and and really analyze where you are in this moment.  It helped save me a couple of bucks and also gave me a little clarity, and I think we all could use a little more of both these days.

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