Blog: The Incomprehensible ART SQOOL – 02/13/19

I have no earthly idea what cosmic events led to the creation of ART SQOOL, but I am sure glad that it exists despite not being able to comprehend or understand it in any way.  ART SQOOL is a game, I think?  I have no clue.  It might actually just be an elaborate prank now that I think about it.  20190212131814_1.jpg

You’re a student at a university and you’re tasked with completing the illustration assignments that a mysterious voice gives you.  The assignments that I’ve played have all revolved around me using the aesthetically pleasing UI to draw something and submit it for approval.  Your tools are incredibly limited at first, but as you explore the level you’ll find more colors and tools to use.

That stuff is fine and all, but let’s talk about just how bizarre this game is.  ART SQOOL borders on nightmarish at times, with it’s purposefully hideous art, and a soundtrack that I bet could make you sick if you listened to it long enough.  And I kind of love it for being so fucking weird.

I haven’t gotten terribly far in ART SQOOL, but I am certainly eager to put some more time into it.  The game itself isn’t great, and the style is off-putting at best, but there’s definitely something here that’s keeping me interested for the time being.  Only time will tell if that curiosity will be enough for me to stomach through the rest of the game, but we’ll see.

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