Blog: Trials for Miles – 03/06/19

The Trials games have always been about pushing you to your mental limit until you either emerge victorious or go insane, and Trials Rising is still very much that game.  The big difference is that there seems to be a very “back to basics” approach with this game, stripping out some of the fluff from previous entries, namely, the trick system from Trials Fusion.

Trials Rising is pure Trials goodness.  It is almost unremarkable in how safe Trials Rising plays it.  As a Trials game, it’s solid, but it doesn’t bring anything particularly new or interesting to the series.  Although this entry does have lootboxes, that’s a pretty big change.  They’re purely cosmetic and don’t really get in your way, but they’re in there for sure.


My only really gripes with Trials Rising are in the performance aspects.  Loading times can be a little long for my liking, and some parts of the game just get really chunky in terms of the framerate.  For context, I’m playing the Switch version, but I’ve heard similar complaints across the board.

These small problems aside, I still enjoy Trials Rising.  It’s still very fun to play despite the fact that I know that I’ll eventually hit a wall that’s gonna make me just stop playing altogether.  But that’s my personal journey with all Trials games.  Your mileage may vary.

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