E3 2019: Square Enix

Final Fantasy.  Yeah, I get it it, a lot of people are jazzed about that remake coming next March, but how about that Avengers project huh?  I’m definitely not writing this before the actual presentation, inevitably setting myself up for disappointment or anything.  But yeah, this is probably going to be the shortest of the E3 write-ups I do, unless Square Enix brings the heat in other, non-Final Fantasy forms.

Let’s take a look!


A lot of people are really into this game, like, to a scary degree.  I never fell in love with Final Fantasy 7, or any JRPG in general, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t interested in trying this version out.  FF7 is one of the weird blank spots in my gaming history, and while most of the fans have made talking about it insufferable, I’d still like to try this game out in some aspect.

It looks like they changed the combat up for this remake, leaning into real time combat much more while also allowing for a sort of Dragon Age styled tactical mode where time slows to a halt, allowing you to pick from a list of advanced attacks.

If I could play this game like a more traditional action game, I think I’d be more willing to try it out.  But I don’t know that this is what fans of Final Fantasy 7 are looking for as far as this remake.  Or maybe they’ll eat it up without any issues.  Doubtful, but maybe fans will be cool about this for once.

The remake is slated to come out early next year, March 3rd, 2020.


We got a bunch of trailers for other JRPG remasters and ports, alongside Dragon Quest Builders 2 and a remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.  Some of the stuff shown looked cool, but nothing that really did much of anything for me.


A top down, R.C. Pro Am style game with a layer of tuning and strategy was shown off, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit interested.  Since the Burnout series… burnt out, I haven’t really been playing much of any racing games, but this one looks like something I’d check out.


Shout out to Dying Light for using a Metric song in their trailer, it makes me want this game even more.  Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t do much in the way of new footage, but it did come with a nebulous, spring 2020 release date.


A new shooter from People Can Fly, they didn’t show off too much of Outriders, but from what little I did see, it looks like a third person shooter where you’ll create a character, all with this weird, post-apocalyptic yet demonic looking aesthetic.  A lot of weird demonic looking beasts were shown off, but not much else.  They’ll say more about this winter.


In what might be the most confusing and nebulous announcement of all of E3, Marvel’s The Avengers, specifically the presentation about out was one of the most confounding things I’ve ever seen.  They aren’t following the MCU, rather, building their own version of the Avengers canon to work with.

The story has the Avengers fucking up and getting outlawed and fighting back from that, I suppose.  People in the crowd kept shouting at this point.

After a while of saying absolutely nothing, they got around to announcing playable characters, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow.  Take that Hawkeye.

Then we cut to a weird sit down with the voice actors behind the 5 playable characters which was an… interesting choice.  I wish they would’ve talked about this in maybe a developer diary video that wasn’t on an E3 stage, but whatever.  I would’ve genuinely preferred seeing more gameplay, we got some more cut scenes which is better than nothing.

After a short cut scene, we got more people walking out on stage and talking about the game.  No pay to win and no loot boxes were listed as talking points, which means cosmetics are definitely in the mix.

Notably absent was any gameplay.  I have no idea how the game works or plays or anything.  It was this weird feeling of them hiding the gameplay from us or something, I don’t think that’s the case, but that was the vibe they put off.

Oddly enough, they’re showing off actual gameplay at their booth, but felt the need to not show anything about that on their stage.  I just wish they didn’t withhold so much information about the game, and felt the need to be more coy about it.

Whatever Marvel’s The Avengers ends up being, is out on May 15th, 2020.

And that’s that.  A conference filled with a bunch of games that weren’t for me, and the ones that did pique my interest, were oddly vague.  This show felt like a real love letter to fans of Square games from the past, with a bunch of remasters and remakes being announced.  Good on them, now please tell me more about Marvel’s The Avengers.

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