Blog: Reevaluation – 11/20/19

For the past year or so that I’ve been running The Bonus World, I’ve tried to provide coverage on all of the games I’m playing to the best of my abilities and shed some insight on the latest games.  Lately, that’s proven to be pretty overwhelming.

It’s not that I don’t want to write about games anymore or anything like that, quite the opposite actually.  I love writing this stuff and would continue to do so even if nobody was reading it.  I just enjoy this whole process too much to give it up.

But it’s been hard trying to cover all of these games with my limited amount of time and money.  Along with that, there are games that I want to play more of that I end up feeling guilty about when I do.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.11.15 -

For instance, Red Dead Redemption 2 recently dropped on PC, and while it’s functionally busted, I’d rather spend more time with that than any of the other new releases this year.  I’ve played that game to death on console when it released last year, but I just want to experience it again.

Alternatively, I’ve got Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order installed, and while I’ve dabbled in it and put a few hours in, it hasn’t grabbed me in a way that’s made me eager to hop back in.  It almost feels like I’m playing with the hopes that I’ll have something to say about it for an article.

And that’s kind of the issue.  I fell into this trap years ago when I did more video work and had a YouTube channel.  I would always try to find games that would translate into good videos, and rarely play the things that I really wanted to.  I don’t want to do that again.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.11.12 -

So I’m reevaluating some things about how I run The Bonus World, and might try to narrow the scope of what I’m doing.  I can’t say there’s going to be a hard cutoff point, or some massive difference in content, but I have to think about myself and what makes me happy too.

But none of this means the blog stops, or features like reviews and The Master of Disaster stop either.  It just means that there might be other things on this site that are easier for me to write instead of me trying to scoop up every game I can in order to write small features on.

Regardless, thanks for hanging with us for as long as you have.  Or if you’re new to the site, thanks for dropping in, I hope that no matter how you got here, I can keep providing you with reasons to come back.

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