Blog: Black Lives Matter – 06/03/20

I know everyone has their opinion about what’s going on in the world right now, and I also know that my voice is not the best suited to speak on these heated issues, but being silent is akin to not caring at all. I’m sure you’ve seen and read a lot of media about this very topic, so my apologies for just adding another thing on the pile. Oh, and this shouldn’t be surprising, but this one isn’t about video games.

I 100% am in support the protestors and the Black Lives Matter movement. This country has needed systemic reform since its inception, and its citizens have cried out for it countless times in our history. George Floyd was murdered by the police, and those officers, along with every officer needs to be held accountable for their actions, as they’ve been literally getting away with murder for decades.

I know I’m far from the right person to speak eloquently and informatively about this topic, so I won’t belabor the point. It’s been long past the time for action in this country, and I applaud the protestors for continually standing up to oppression despite having a president who both encourages and celebrates violence towards them.

There are plenty of ways to provide support and aid to the movement, all of which are listed here, and I strongly suggest you look into if you are able to. And if you are participating in the protests, stay safe. Not only do you have to contend with the police, but there’s still a deadly virus hanging around that you still need to be cautious about. Above all, if you want to see real and tangible change, vote in November. Vote this pompous, malevolent and quite frankly, evil man out of office later this year. You can check your voter registration at

Stay safe everyone. This is only going to get harder.

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