Blog: Console Bore – 09/09/20

As of writing this, Microsoft finally saw fit to confirm what might be the worst kept secret in the gaming industry, in announcing the existence of the Xbox Series S, the all digital and budget model of their next console. I could talk about how odd and wildly different from the upcoming Series X it looks, but instead I’d like to add to the cacophony of voices asking, “Should these boxes just be delayed?”

Honestly, I think they should be for a multitude of reasons. First, it’s 2020 and things are a fucking mess with a lot of folks (myself included) out of a job and unable to justify buying a $500+ video game machine. Things are tough out there with people not only possibly being unable to afford the thing, but supply chains being what they currently are might make for a difficult production and distribution pipeline. It’s like if Rolex was trying to pitch me on their newest line of expensive watches where normally I’d say “no thank you,” but trying to sell it to me in this economy is just fucking wild.

Xbox Series X – Microsoft

But maybe you’re Captain Moneybags, sitting upon your throne of gold coins and job offers with plenty of disposable income to throw around. First of all, how about throwing some of that cash my way, and secondly, what are you gonna play on these boxes anyway? Launch lineups are generally pretty forgettable, but this time around it’s downright miserable.

Sony has Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales coming day and date with the PS5, but that’s kind of it. Without a doubt both Microsoft and Sony will get some sports games, some sort of dancing game and an Assassin’s Creed, but that doesn’t seem worth the price of admission to me. Sure I’ll play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the Spider-Man game, but the first one I’ll be able to play on my PC or PS4, while the latter is more of an expansion pack that’s built on the same bones as its predecessor. That’s not a dig against these games but there’s nothing that’s jumped out and made me eager to buy a new console.

Playstation 5 & friends – Sony

Then you look at Microsoft who basically just has third party stuff coming out with nothing else to show especially after Halo Infinite got delayed into next year. Like the PS5, they’ll get some sports games, some Ubisoft titles and the next Call of Duty, but they’ve got even less going on than Sony does. Sure they have Game Pass which will allow users to play a variety of stuff, but you can already play those games right now on your current generation of Xbox or a PC.

Maybe by the end of the month both companies will announce some super amazing games that I just have got to play on day one, but as of now there’s like one thing I want to play that’s exclusive in Spider-Man and that’s it. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a cool March release for these bad boys, or even just a full year delay. But it’s expensive to just store product in a warehouse for a year, and it’s unwise to do that with what will be rapidly aging technology. A delay could see a drop in price and a better lineup though, which is something I’m into but these companies certainly will not be.

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