Blog: Who Among Us? – 10/07/20

Maybe you’ve heard already, but the latest craze sweeping the internet comes in the form of an indie game that was released almost 2 years ago. It’s called Among Us and it’s a fun little party game about… well it’s about lying. It’s a game about subterfuge and social engineering that forces you and your friends to figure who is the saboteur aboard a spaceship while the others perform menial tasks to maintain the ship. It’s fun and all, but it’s also kind of grim when you realize that to win the game you have to be a good liar.

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here or anything because I’m almost certain I’m overthinking this whole thing, but I don’t know that I want to prove to my friends that I’m really good at lying to them. Like, nobody wins in that scenario right? I don’t want anyone to come away from a session of playing with me and think, “boy, Ari sure is a great liar.” But hey, like I said I’m certain I’m overthinking the hell out of this thing.

The big thing that really got to me while playing Among Us was just how tense it can get. There were moments where I genuinely felt uncomfortable as the imposter, both because I felt bad for lying and getting away with it, as well as the fact that I literally had no idea what I was doing.

Among Us – InnerSloth

When you die or get “spaced” in Among Us, you get to be a ghost that haunts the ship and can still sabotage some stuff in the process. What you can sabotage and why I don’t know, but I definitely kept draining the oxygen almost immediately as the round began when I was deceased. What happened next was I got to watch a parade of players march to the life support systems, disable it, then call a meeting in which they all accused each other fervently. I had way more fun being this invisible agent of chaos than I did just straight up wandering the map and playing mindless mini-games to restore power or whatever.

I don’t know that I’d ever pick Among Us as my “go-to” multiplayer game, but it’s certainly a fun way to kill an hour or so with friends. Although within my first hour of playing the game I had to bail out of the session thanks to a massive headache that I can only attribute to the tension the game imparted on me. Regardless of my ability to handle said tension, I certainly applaud Among Us for being able to provide an experience capable of physically incapacitating me. So that’s fun.

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