Blog: 3 Years Strong – 03/10/21

Almost three years ago to the day I launched this silly little blog, unaware that it would go on for as long as it has. When I launched the blog itself, it was mostly a way to just get some consistent content up on the main page to supplement the glut of videos we made. Oh how hard the pendulum has swung in the other direction however, with several different features and articles existing in stark contrast to the zero amount of videos we make. While having to write something every week for the past 3 years might sound like a burden, it’s actually been exactly what I needed to keep me going creatively.

The blog really has been this cathartic hobby of mine that I sometimes wish I didn’t have to do. You might say, “but you don’t have to do it,” to which I’d reply, “If I don’t do this I’ll die.” Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but at this point I really can’t imagine not writing a blog post every week. It’s become such a staple of my routine and such an important hobby of mine that even when I’m at my laziest and don’t feel like doing it, I know that I’d hate myself if I skipped a week.

I’ve gone through long stretches of time where my motivation to do anything creative was basically nonexistent, but having the self-imposed dead-line and sense of necessity with the blog has always kept me from just spiraling out of control. Especially during the pandemic it’s been incredibly easy to lose track of the days and time in general, but having that weekly goal where I have to write something has kept me from just losing weeks of my life to nothingness.

The blog is very special to me, but even I can see that I’ve kind of reduced its relevance thanks to other features I’ve introduced on this site. Talking about a game on a blog might seem like a wasted opportunity for a Gut Check, or talking about D&D should probably be confined to a The Master of Disaster feature. It’s become increasingly difficult to delineate what makes for a blog versus one of those features, but that just means the blog gets to be about wider topics that aren’t just about video games and TTRPGs or whatever.

The important thing to remember is that I love doing all of this, not just the blog but The Bonus World in general. The blog has been the most enduring creative thing I’ve ever done, easily outlasting any other written feature and probably and video thing in my past, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. I truly appreciate your continued support and engagement with the blog and The Bonus World at large, and I hope you continue to enjoy it as time goes on. Thank you.

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