Blog: Achievements & Site Updates – 06/02/21

There was a period of time, specifically before 2016 when I built my gaming computer, that I was deeply invested in the concept of Gamerscore and the achievement hunting that came along with it. I primarily played on Xbox and the Pavlovian response of hearing that delightful chime and getting a functionally useless reward that indicated I had unlocked an achievement was very exciting and fulfilling for me. But once I gravitated away from consoles and onto PC, I had to shake that particular monkey off of my back. Unfortunately for me and my sanity, I now own a modern Xbox console and have their subscription service which essentially just blasts me with new games every few weeks to play, keeping me planted squarely back on the achievement treadmill whether I like it or not.

My strategy at the time was to just play as many games as possible and just get whatever achievements I could without too much effort or time sunk into any single particular game. I didn’t approach achievement hunting from that angle nor would I actually ever call myself an achievement hunter, because I just like to bounce from game to game and that’s how I racked up several thousand points without actually trying that hard. That approach probably still would work, but I’m just a hair more discerning about how I spend my money these days and won’t just buy every game that stumbles onto the storefront. Besides, I gotta save that money to invest in more TTRPGs that I won’t ever play.

But now that I have an Xbox again and have set it up in a way that makes it easier and more accessible to use than launching a game through Steam, I’ve found that my achievement itches are starting back up. My current setup involves two different HDMI switches that gather all of my various console inputs into one output, and have that go through another switch that indicates which monitor it’ll display on. While I’m fairly certain that neither of these switches will pass through a 4K signal, making my television functionally useless, the convenience of being able to just hit a button on my second monitor and be instantly at my Xbox dashboard has really been the catalyst for why I’m primarily playing on console these days.

Even better is how inclusive the Xbox ecosystem has become, providing seamless integration between console and PC players which has meant that I’ve been able to play a lot more multiplayer games with people, regardless of where they’re actually playing. I’ve taken to testing that cross-play system a lot too by expressly playing on console while my friends are on PC, and I gotta give it up to Xbox for making the process as painless as possible. I’m certain that it’s only that easy because we’re all still utilizing parts of the Xbox ecosystem, something that undoubtedly has made things smoother than if I was trying to play with someone from a PS5 or something.

Regardless of the ease of use it really has been a lot of fun to casually chase achievements again, although I don’t appreciate how Xbox likes to rub it in your face about how much better your friends are at achievement hunting than you are. It makes me want to be way more competitive than I actually am, which is usually always cancelled out by my inherent laziness. But aside from the stupid achievement rat race, I’m surprisingly really enjoying playing on a console again for reasons that I don’t quite fully understand.

While we’re on the topic of laziness, I want to mention the lack of diverse content on the site recently. It’s kind of just been blogs for the past few weeks, and I’m sorry for that. Honestly, I’ve just kind of found it hard to be motivated to do anything, let alone this site, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I have some ideas for new Master of Disasters and Gut Checks, so those should be materializing soon enough.

But as for things like my annual coverage of E3 or whatever the fuck is going on this summer, I do not know what it’s going to look like this year or even if something will come to fruition in terms of coverage. Much like last year, it’s still very weird out there, and the concept of covering E3 is both an exciting and confusing challenge to me. We’ll see what comes of it all, but I’ve got the wheels in the ol’ noggin spinning in the hopes something actionable and interesting will come out. That rarely works out for me, but maybe this time it’ll be different. Only time will tell.

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