Blog: Changes – 08/25/21

I’ve been trying to put off this blog post for as long as I could, but there’s no more delaying the inevitable. This blog post will be the last one in this format. For as much as I’ve enjoyed putting up weekly content, there’s no denying that it’s gotten harder for me to maintain the pace, let alone the enthusiasm required to produce something worth reading with this regularity. But it doesn’t mean that The Bonus World is over, far from it actually. But this is going to be an adjustment.

Going forward, there won’t be anymore weekly blogs. While disappointing at first blush, it’s actually probably the best call for both the website and myself. If you’ve followed the site with any regularity (thanks for that by the way), you’ve probably noticed a tremendous dip in both the variety of content and the quality of it. While external factors are certainly at play here, the blog has become this bare minimum of content that doesn’t feel interesting or necessary anymore. It also cannibalizes a ton of other articles I could write, because it’s such a nebulous and wide bucket that just about anything could fall into.

It’s led to me getting complacent and bored with my own output here, which isn’t fair to my readers and isn’t fair to me. I find myself scrambling every Tuesday to think of anything I could write about in the hopes that by the next week I’ll have some actual inspiration to review something or whatever, but that never happens. I’m trapped in this vicious cycle with the blog where as long as I put something up on Wednesday, I can basically forget about the site. That’s a shitty way of operating the site, but it’s how things fell into place for me.

I also want to write other stuff on this site without having to hit this weekly deadline I’ve arbitrarily imposed on myself. The way I see it, if I can free up that energy from having to just put something up on the site and channel that into writing a thing that’s actually interesting, well that’s a win for me. I just hate seeing what I’ve allowed the blog to devolve into, which is just this weekly rambling that people continue to read for some reason. Thanks for that by the way.

But here’s the thing, the blog isn’t dying, it’s just not going to be weekly anymore. It’s going to arrive when it feels right and there’s something worth writing about that probably won’t be about video games. But with this scheduling and content change comes the other bit of news that’s probably a bit harder to deal with, and that’s the fact that it’s gonna be pretty quiet around here for a while.

On top of the content not interesting me, I’ve just been incredibly burnt out. I need to step away from writing about video games for a bit so I can recenter myself and regain that enthusiasm I once had. I plan on popping back in here from time to time to drop a review or something, but there won’t be much regularity to it for a while.

This is hard for me because I really love writing for this site, but it deserves so much better than what I’m giving it. So in my eyes the best decision is to essentially take a hiatus and let the inspiration come back to me. So that’s kind of it then for a while. If you wanna know when the site posts more stuff, you can punch in your email on the left side of the homepage to sign up for the “newsletter,” which is basically just an alert system for when this site posts something, or you can follow the very silent The Bonus World Twitter account which will also keep you posted about what’s going on.

The one thing I will say is that I do intend on doing Game of the Year stuff, so worst case scenario is that’s the first time you hear from me in a while, but I don’t think it’ll be that long before I return.

But yeah, that’s it for me gang. Thanks for rolling with me for so long. It’s time for a change, and unfortunately that change is going to take time. Stay safe out there everyone. I’ll see you soon.


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