Game of the Year Stuff

Just like every site that does anything remotely related to video games, we’re arranging our game of the year stuff at the moment.  We have a vague idea of how that looks and we’d like to give you a peek.

Instead of a stacked list from one to ten, we made some categories and asked our writers to fill them in to the best of their abilities.   Since we didn’t have a huge amount of time to prepare or anything, there’s only five categories.  This year is going to feel a little “ragtag,”  We’ll course correct next year… probably.   So without further build up, here’s the categories we’re working with this year.

Game of the Year

We all have our own special reasons for picking these games as the embodiment of greatness this year. Maybe it’s a story that knocked you on your ass, maybe it just feels good to play. Maybe you can’t quite describe it but you know it’s perfect to you. This is the game of your year, and no one can take that from you.

Bring Your Friends

There are some experiences that are just better when you’ve got some friends to share them with. The same thing can be said for games and this category is all about that very thing. These are games that were worth rallying around all year with friends and family, and just leaving you laughing and having a good time.

I Think Something is Wrong With Me

After everything you’ve seen and heard about this game you were preparing for the ride of your life. You were excited and eagerly anticipating its release. Then you started to play it and something was wrong. The game is good but it fails to connect with you. Reviews are phenomenal, your friends are raving, awards are being awarded, but you just have to sit there and accept that you’re the weird one and just don’t like this game as much as everyone else.

Swing and a Miss

A disaster, a flop, a failure, or just a disappointment. Whatever you want to call it, not all games that came out this year lived up to our expectations and this is where we’d like to highlight them.

Just Can’t Give it Up

2017 has provided a bevy of great games across various genres and platforms for players of all kinds to enjoy. In fact at some point one could even argue that there may have been too many games for any normal person to keep track of. Despite that, it’s sometimes nice to revert to something more comfortable and familiar. These are the games that have endured the barrage of releases and still manage to suck up some of our gaming time.

So that’s it.  We’ll try to get some lists up by Christmas and hopefully you enjoy them.  Till then, keep following us on Twitter and YouTube for more stuff.


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