Blog: Slump – 05/09/18


For the past few days I’ve been racking my brain about what to write for today.  Usually something will jump out at me or I’ll be able to conjure up some topic to discuss.  This week has been a little tougher though.

It’s weird, the past few weeks I’ve slowed down a little on gaming and I’m not exactly sure why that is.  Sure the obvious answers could be things like there hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to play, or time constraints have really been at an all time high.  While those things are factors for sure, it still feels like something more is at play.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have 500+ games on my Steam library at my disposal, and instead of choosing to actually play anything, I end up choosing nothing.  Maybe as the weather gets nicer I just don’t want to spend all my time inside.  Who can say really?

When I do end up playing something, it usually tends to be something that doesn’t command a lot of my time or attention for too long.  For instance, I still play Cities Skylines cause I barely have to pay attention to it while I’m watching Netflix or whatever.  The same goes for Dragon Ball Fighter Z because a match only occupies minutes of my attention at a time.

And it isn’t like I don’t have a backlog worth digging into.  I’ve still got Far Cry 5, God of War and Yakuza 6 waiting in the wings for me.  Then I stupidly decided to start replaying Watch_Dogs 2 cause I thoroughly enjoyed that game when it came out.  I think I need like a week off to really dig into these experiences, but even if I had the time there’s no guarantee I wouldn’t just do nothing instead.

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