Blog: Distraction Ball Z – 05/16/18

eat it bitch

If you’re a regular follower of The Bonus World, you might have noticed that its been kind of quiet lately.  It isn’t a sign of some major dysfunction or anything, in fact we’ve been doing some planning on the back end in terms of site navigation and show planning.  The real issue has been Dragon Ball Z.

I’m not kidding either, instead of actually streaming something right now, I’m writing this while watching yet another episode.  It’s been like this since I figured out a way to watch the series again.  All of this was spurred on by the release of Dragon Ball Fighter Z earlier this year and compounded by the folks over at Giant Bomb watching the series for the first time and chronicling it in their podcast “All Systems Goku.”

I’ve never considered myself a huge fan Dragon Ball or anime in general, but all of these exterior forces encouraged me to revisit a series that was an after school staple back when it aired on Toonami.  I’m about 80 episodes into the series at the time of writing this and I’m super enjoying it so far.

There’s a lot I could say about DBZ, I could write for days about it.  But I’ll keep this short and just hit you with some of my general notes thus far:

  • Goku is an absolute moron.  He has good heart, but he’s a complete dope.
  • Vegeta is cool, but can also be a colossal doofus.
  • Yamcha is the worst.
  • Krillin isn’t as bad as I remember.
  • Trunks is in this way more than I recalled.
  • Chi Chi sucks.
  • King Kai is actually the best character on the show.

But yeah, I guess the point I’m really trying to drive home is that Dragon Ball Z Kai has been a problem for me.  I need to break myself of this “one more episode” syndrome that I’ve come down with, but sometimes those cliffhangers are really good and I need to see what the next episode of “Let’s Stall Till Goku Shows Up” goes.

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