Blog: Best in The West – 11/07/18

This one is gonna be a short one folks, I really don’t have much of anything else to talk about outside of one particularly massive cowboy-themed game.  That’s right, I’m talking about Red Dead Redemption 2 once again.

At this point I’ve completed all the chapters of the story and am currently sweeping up the seemingly endless amount of side activities.  I’m suffering from Breath of The Wild syndrome with this game, which is to say that I’m just picking a direction and going.  While you’re not always rewarded in the same way Zelda did, Red Dead Redemption 2 does a pretty good job of getting you out into the world and sightseeing.


Sometimes there’s an animal that needs hunting, or a stranger that needs shooting, or just some weird cabin where some fucked up stuff went down.  Red Dead Redemption 2 manages to exist in the space where it can be enormous without feeling bloated and that’s no small task.

Take a look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for instance.  It also boasted a gigantic world with lots to explore and see, but ultimately handed out experiences in a checklist format.  It felt more like crossing items off of a shopping list than just organically discovering something.

Maybe that’s what I like so much about Red Dead Redemption 2, the fact that once I learned to embrace the “walking through molasses” pace of the game, I found it rewarding to just get lost in the vast expanse.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wander in the woods and try not to get my ass chomped off by a bobcat.


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