Blog: Wake Me Up Cefore You Go-Go – 11/14/18

What may seem like an unfortunate typo in the title of this blog, is actually some of the most clever wordplay ever used in the history of words.  Don’t try and deny it.  There’s this game that’s actually called Cefore that I’ve been dipping in and out of between sessions of Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s been a real nice palette cleanser.

Cefore is a physics-based puzzle game that tasks you with harvesting these big blue blocks that are scattered across level.  To move these blocks you’ll utilize your arsenal of tools to either directly impact the blocks or the obstacles around them.  Is the blue block on top of a tall stone pillar?  Well some dynamite will certainly send it tumbling to the ground.  Is the block in a hole?  Perhaps using a hot air balloon will solve that problem.


I haven’t played too much of Cefore yet, but from what little I have it seems like a neat little experience.  The controls are a little weird and restarting a level isn’t as quick as I would like, but these are minor inconveniences at best.  So far I’m enjoying my time with it as it provides a decent challenge while allowing me the freedom to solve things the way I like.  I personally choose the most explosions.

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