E3 2019: Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital is a weird as hell company that publishes some pretty amazing games.  I usually don’t enjoy their conferences cause they try way too hard to be funny, but I’m not here for that, just their games.


I have no idea what this game is about, but it looks like it could be a neat little party game.  Historically, party games suck, but maybe this one will be the exception to the rule.


So for a price, you can go to Steam, to buy this bootleg launcher that plays bootleg versions of Devolver games.  It’s actually kind of a novel concept.  It allows you to play knockoffs of games like Enter the GungeonHotline Miami and others.  This is very much my kind of game, and I can’t wait to play these raggedy versions of the games I know.


Consider this, you’re a nightmare tentacle monster tasked with consuming everything in your path.  It’s bloody and gory and looks super satisfying.  Also it’s out next year on PC and console.


They’re making a literal light-gun game for arcades based on Enter the Gungeon.  That actually looks like a neat idea.  I wonder how many arcades will pick it up though, cause I doubt the name recognition around Enter the Gungeon is that high.  But whatever, it’s a great idea that I hope pays off for them.


There’s a new, free expansion for The Messenger coming out on July 11th that looks like the perfect excuse to get back into that game I enjoyed so much from last year.  It’s a tropical spin on what might have been one of the coolest side scrolling action games of last year.  And hey, free is the exact right price for it.


I’ve been so excited for My Friend Pedro to come out, and on June 20th it finally is.  It’s a side scrolling shooter based entirely around the concept of bullet time and being an unbelievably efficient killing machine.   Things like riding skateboards and shooting dual uzis, or throwing a frying pan in the air to ricochet bullets off of it into dude’s brains are just some of the cool features of My Friend Pedro.

As always, it only lasted a few minutes, but managed to deliver one or two interesting things.  For instance, The Messenger expansion looks awesome and Carrion seems like an extremely cool game.  Otherwise, I just can’t reiterate how much I hate their sense of humor that they pump into their conferences.  This time it ended with a Terminator themed thing that is just tedious.

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