E3 2019: Other Games – Part 1

Not every game makes it onto one of the main stages during E3, it turns out that there are a lot of video games out there.  But these games deserve their acknowledgements in some way, so here are some games that are worth checking out for one reason or another.


Considering there hasn’t been a proper SWAT game in a while, I’ve had to look to smaller developers to scratch the very specific itch that represents tactical infiltration/shooting.  I’m hoping that Police Stories can fill that void for me.  The promise of co-op is fun, and while normally I’m not a fan of run-based games with procedurally generated levels, this seems like one of the few games where the latter feature could work well.  Procedurally generated levels with random enemy placement makes sense for a game where you have to react to new situations all the time.  Police Stories is set to release on September 19th of this year.


When you look at the trailer, it can be hard to tell exactly what is going on in Bloodroots, but after playing the demo it all became pretty clear.  In Bloodroots, you’re basically this speed demon of a man, who zips across these combat arenas picking up every weapon they can find, and chaining together attacks against the enemies stationed in the area.  It’s a combat puzzle in the same way that Hotline Miami was.  You’ll die over and over, but you’ll also learn enemy placements and habits.  Luckily, you can pick up basically anything to use as a weapon, from axes, to ladders and even a rubber duck.  It was very fun and satisfying, and you can try the demo out for yourselves, if you want to know what you’re in for before it releases this summer.


There is no universe in which I see Rawmen catching on in a significant way, but, I wish it would.  Look at this game, it’s got everything!  Splatoon inspired combat, large man running around in the nude hurling hot stew at each other, character customization, various traversal options, and a Harry Belafonte song in the trailer.  It’s the perfect game?  Discuss.


So this one is weird because I actually don’t know that I’ll ever play it.  I’m mostly highlighting Freedom Finger for the style it has.  It’s got this Adult Swim style to it which I kind of adore, a surprising amount of big name voice actors starring in it, and an awesome soundtrack.  I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy the attitude it’s got, but one the basis of style alone, I’m into it.


I’ve wanted Skate 4 for a very long time now, but I gotta say, Skatebird looks charming as hell.  What a novel idea this is, not just because of the fact that it’s little birds riding around on finger skateboards, but because of the gameplay implications it could have.  The ability to get a little more height on a jump to nail a trick or make it over a gap seems like it could add a decent bit variety to the skateboarding genre.


I like me some pixel art, and I like me some good chip-tunes.  I also very much like it when I can watch a game trailer like 4 times and not know what the hell is going on.  But that’s Summer Catchers, a game about — something.  What really catches my eye is the fact that this looks like a game about a road trip which I think is a subject matter I’d enjoy seeing more of.  Also the variety in the mini-games they displayed, it looked like some decent ways to break up whatever you’re doing normally in the game.  I don’t know, Summer Catchers looks neat, and I will definitely be checking it out whenever it releases.


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