E3 2019: Other Games – Part 2

Following up on the last post about lesser known games, here’s another!  These aren’t main stage kind of games, rather, smaller and often weirder offerings.  Here we go.


I love this idea.  The concept of playing as a creature and watching them evolve based on my actions and decisions, is pretty cool.  From what was said at E3, it seems like this isn’t the only creature at your disposal, and you’ll experience large changes in the creatures physiology as you progress.  Hopefully the world also adapts in line with the things you do.  For instance, if my group of creatures just hang around an area for generations, eating up all the food and hunting the wildlife, I’d like to see that area becomes less populated by your potential prey.  But we’ll see how it comes together when it releases on August 27th.


Control is the interesting case of a game that sounded fairly interesting when it was first revealed, and as I’ve heard more about it, has gotten more and more alluring.  What seemed like a blend between Psi-Ops and Alan Wake, apparently also has some branching dialogue options, which is very exciting to me, as well as hearing the moment to moment action holds up.  Control has the potential to be one of the biggest games coming out this year, I just hope it delivers.


Now here’s a game I can get behind.  We’ve all known for a while that humanity is garbage and needs to be taken down a peg.  What better way to do that than by being an everything-eating-shark?  People? Chomped.  Boats?  Chomped.  Things on the land?  Probably also gonna get chomped.  I’ve been very eager to get my hands on Maneater when it comes out later this year.


Now if anyone has paid any attention to this site in the past, you’ll know that wacky physics and seemingly mundane tasks are home runs for me.  Moving Out seems to be nailing both of those things.  It also has some for of cooperative gameplay, which while exciting, I hope doesn’t steal the spotlight from whatever single player offerings might be available.  I’d love to have just as much of a good time alone, as I would destroying the possibility of getting a security deposit back, with a friend.  It should be out sometime this year.


So fun fact, Plasticity is actually out and playable right now.  As I’m writing this, it’s downloading on Steam.  It looks like the kind of emotional, atmospheric, puzzle-platformer with a message, that I love so much.  Shades of Inside and Limbo are on display here, and that’s enough for me to give it a shot.  Also, it’s free, so that’s a big plus.


Creating art, meaningful art, is hard.  Sloppy Forgeries is a game about taking art, and doing it as fast and accurately as you can in order to prove to your friends that you’re a better artist than them.  It’s the kind of game that will be fun to play about 3 times before your friends figure out who the most artistic among them is, and never play again.  Sign me up.


I don’t know how many of you remember the incredibly fun phone game from a few years ago called Spaceteam, but the short pitch on it was that every person had different buttons and dials on their device and had to coordinate with the others to avoid catastrophe.  This seems like the same concept, but with cooking.  The way these games usually resolve is by someone getting a text message and missing a task, resulting in everyone yelling at them.


If you need a paragraph about why I’m so intrigued by this ridiculous game, then I haven’t properly introduced myself.  I’m Ari, and weird games are always welcome in my dojo.

There you go, the second installment of some smaller games I heard about from E3 this year.  I think this might be it for E3 coverage out of us.  That is, unless something crazy is announced, but for the time being, thanks for rockin’ with us.

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