Blog: Goose Crimes – 10/02/19

Let’s skip the formalities and usual preamble so I can just get to the part where I say that Untitled Goose Game is incredible and I love it.  There are plenty of games that allow me to save the universe and whatnot, but very few allow me to just be an agent of chaos in the same way Untitled Goose Game does.

In Untitled Goose Game, you play as a horrible goose who is trying to make their way through a small town for reasons that only a goose can comprehend.  To do this, you’ll have to utilize every ounce of goose cunning you have to piss-off people enough to open an exit for you to the next area.  You’re given a list of shitty things to do, like dragging a rake into a lake, dropping a bucket on someones head, and quite literally traumatizing a child.

Untitled Goose Game is mostly a stealth game in the sense that you’ll need to steal a lot of stuff from people, and they aren’t super cool with that.  So you cause some distractions and wait till they’re not looking to grab their stuff and drop it in a river.  Untitled Goose Game embraces the, “if it isn’t nailed down,” attitude by allowing you to wedge basically anything in your menacing beak.

As a goose, you can flap your wings, lower your head, grab stuff in your mouth, and of course, honk at people.  Having this limited tool set allows for you to master controlling this winged honking beast, to better accomplish your dark deeds.  It almost feels a bit like QWOP in its control scheme, but it’s never with the intention of hindering you or artificially making things more difficult.  It strikes a good balance between limiting your actions, and overwhelming you with abilities.

Untitled Goose Game isn’t a particularly difficult or long game, taking me about 2 hours to get through my first play-through and accomplish most, if not all of my goals.  But once you complete the game, you unlock new lists of challenges that are way harder than most of the things you’ve done up to that point.

I would love more levels with more interaction opportunities as DLC or something, but as it is, Untitled Goose Game is still an incredible experience that’s truly been one of the funniest and fun games I’ve played all year.  I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, yet low stakes game to play.

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