Blog: Gut Check – 01/08/20

Last year I found myself struggling to find the time or enthusiasm to play and finish all of the games that came my way.  I felt obligated to suffer through some games I really didn’t enjoy and some that just did nothing for me all for the sake of having something to write about.

The truth is, if a game doesn’t hook my early on, it probably never will.  That’s why I went ahead and came up with Gut Check, a feature in which I describe why a game hooked me or why it didn’t within the .  This isn’t a review of the product as a whole, but more of a look at the earliest parts of a game and how it left me feeling.

As it stands, the format will involve me playing at the very least, one hour of a game.  After that, I’ll either continue or back off, but I’ll explain my reasons for both scenarios.  Also, I’m well aware that doing this might be unfair to certain games and genres, so I’m being a little more discerning in my selections making sure that the games in Gut Check actually belong here.

Not all games can be judged in an hour, but I feel that if a game can’t get its claws into me in the first hour or so, it probably never will.  There are always exceptions to the rules and I’m sure this formula will change as time goes on, but for now I hope you come back to check out the first post when it goes live later this week.

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