Blog: Look at This Stupid Thing – 05/13/20

We’ve entered the part of quarantine where the packages I ordered at the beginning of April are finally showing up, and it’s been a really fun experience honestly.  A few days back I finally got my Hori Split Pad Pro in the mail, and while I think it’s perfectly fine and functional, golly does it look stupid as hell.

Back in April, my Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers started to fall victim to the infamous “drift” problem, specifically on the left stick.  Maybe it was happening earlier than that, but I hadn’t really been playing much of my Switch before Animal Crossing: New Horizons released.


At first I’d notice my little villager would start taking very slow walks towards the bottom of the screen, something that was annoying but not game breaking.  Then I found myself running from a tarantula, when my villager decided to stop running and just stand still and accept his fate.

This was unacceptable.

So I ordered the Hori Split Pad Pro because it was on sale, and I finally got it.  It’s doing the trick despite missing features like HD Rumble and the ability to work wirelessly, but it’s infinitely better than the budget “pro” controller I bought off Amazon months ago.  The face buttons feel good, while the analog sticks have a weirdly grainy texture to them which is strange.  Other than that, it’s got back paddles that I’ll never use, but I’m satisfied with my purchase overall.

It’s going to be a while before I can actually pick up real, official Nintendo Joy-Con remotes, but I’m okay with waiting because I’m not playing anything that requires the Joy-Con specific functionalities.  And while I appreciate the size of the Hori Split Pad Pro and how it feels better in my bearlike paws, it just looks so fucking stupid on the Switch.

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