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Blog: A Mini Mario – 02/17/21

Last week the incredible yet nearly forgotten Super Mario 3D World, formerly a Wii U exclusive, was re-released on the Nintendo Switch. That game alone is very good and you should certainly check it out if you’re one of the many people who missed it when it was initially released back in 2013. That’s all well and good, but what I really want to talk about is the bundled game that comes alongside this new port of Super Mario 3D World, a little game called Bowser’s Fury…

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Blog: Look at This Stupid Thing – 05/13/20

We’ve entered the part of quarantine where the packages I ordered at the beginning of April are finally showing up, and it’s been a really fun experience honestly.  A few days back I finally got my Hori Split Pad Pro in the mail, and while I think it’s perfectly fine and functional, golly does it look stupid as hell…

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Blog: The Doctor is In – 04/01/20

There are some games that are just evergreen and remain a part of your life well after you’re done playing them.  For my generation, games like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Earthbound, and so on and so forth, usually occupy a spot on their list.  While those games are all well and good, I’d like to talk about a certain game that’s managed to weasel its way back into my life in a major way… 

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Blog: Nintendorama – 01/09/19

I’ve been toiling away in the Nintendo mines lately, chipping away at some of my ever expanding backlog when I came to the incredibly rare and never before talked about realization that those folks at Nintendo know how to make fun games.