Blog: That Dang Virtual Reality – 01/06/21

There was a small part of me that expected 2020 to draw itself out by introducing a secret 13th month we’d never had before, but thankfully the calendar held together and we’re finally in January. Since the New Year ticked over however, I can’t really say that I’ve been playing much of anything, partly because there’s nothing new that excites me right now, and partly cause I’m busy focusing on other stuff.

The only games that I have dipped into have oddly enough, been VR titles. One of the things that kept me from just having VR at the ready was just how much space it took up, with the wires and base stations and whatnot, but I did some reorganizing that facilitated a more permanent VR experience. This led me to take advantage of the Steam Winter Sale a bit, and buy some VR games that seemed well reviewed.

The only one I’ve really spent much time with is Ragnarock, a rhythm game that places you at the back of a viking warship with a couple of drums in front of you and big drumsticks in your hands. It’s basically Guitar Hero with viking-adjacent music in it, some of which is good and some of which notably isn’t. The main conceit is that the more accurate you are in your drumming, the faster and farther the oarsmen on the boat can travel and operate. I think the main mode is a competitive race between you and online players, but that’s not for me at all. As is, I really like playing Ragnarock, and quite enjoy some of the tracks in the game.

Outside of that game, I have a couple of other VR games that I want to try. I have a game called Until You Fall, which is this neon drenched hack and slash looking game, that only after I purchased it did I realze it was a rogue-like experience. So I probably wont be gushing about that one. Another one is called Pixel Ripped 1995, and I honestly have no fucking clue what it is, but it looked neat. Lastly, there’s Star Wars Squadrons, a game that will probably make me barf all over myself, but I get to fly an X-Wing, so it’s kind of worth it.

But yeah, outside of that I haven’t really touched much else. I’ve been pretty busy in crafting our next Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which has been a lot of work but a lot more fun. I’ve also been trying to refresh the space I’m in, specifically trying to reorganize and throw away things that I don’t need. I would always suggest that anyone take the time to organize and take stock of the things they have, but after a year like 2020, I think it’s more essential than ever to just shake up everything in your home.

Anyway, I don’t really have a point to this blog, so I’m gonna wrap it up. Shout out to Georgia too. That state looks lovely in a nice shade of blue.

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