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Blog: That Dang Virtual Reality – 01/06/21

There was a small part of me that expected 2020 to draw itself out by introducing a secret 13th month we’d never had before, but thankfully the calendar held together and we’re finally in January. Since the New Year ticked over however, I can’t really say that I’ve been playing much of anything, partly because there’s nothing new that excites me right now, and partly cause I’m busy focusing on other stuff…

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Blog: Virtually Real – 01/15/20

For the past few weeks I’ve had ample access to an HTC Vive, showing it to family and friends alike, but mostly just messing around with physics playgrounds and breaking things.  Aside from the setup, the sweating, and occasionally knocking things over, it’s been pretty great.  There are a handful of games that I’ve been playing, some old and some new, that I thought I’d highlight…