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Blog: Hey December, Can You Chill? – 12/19/18

Hey, what the actual fuck is going on?  December has been popping off in a way I wasn’t entirely prepared for in regards to game releases.  It’s borderline irresponsible how many really good games have come out this month.  See, traditionally game releases slow the hell down once Black Friday passes us by, but this year isn’t playing by the rules.  Let’s go ahead and take a quick gander at some of things I’m talking about.

Just Cause 4 (12/04/18)


Just Cause 4 came out to a pretty mixed reception, but it’s still worth mentioning.  What’s more interesting about this is that Just Cause 3 also pulled this stunt 3 years ago on December 1st.

Ashen (12/06/18


I wrote about Ashen and how updates about it were oddly silent.  Turns out, it just wanted to surprise everyone with a surprise launch at The Game Awards this year.  While I’ve been pretty excited to play it in the past, I’m finding it hard to get excited about it the more I see of it.

Katamari Damacy Reroll (12/07/18)

Katamari Damacy got a remaster this month, which while it isn’t a new game technically, it’s still a fucking awesome game that is worth playing.  It’s definitely one that’s fun to zone out with.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (12/07/18

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest Smash Bros. fan, but it’s still a really novel game in my eyes.  There’s something wonderful about getting all of these Nintendo properties fighting each other alongside some other notable characters from across the gaming landscape.  There’s something cozy about Smash, that is until you take even the slightest of peeks into the competitive scene.  That place is a nightmare.

DayZ (12/13/18

This isn’t a joke.  DayZ is a real game and not just the prime example of why early access is a dangerous bet.  I have zero interest in playing DayZ nor have I looked up anything about it, but I’m just amazed it exists at all.

GRIS (12/13/18

GRIS does the thing that I like where it looks fucking awesome.  I’m a sucker for style and GRIS is oozing with it to an unhealthy degree.  While some of the footage I saw about it made the platforming seem a little stiff, I’m still more than willing to give it a shot.  It’s a puzzle-platformer too, which is also kind of my jam.

Below (12/14/18

As if DayZ coming out wasn’t enough of a sign of impending apocalypse in 2019, Below actually releasing should definitely tip you off.  Like, I had no idea what Below was before it released, and even now that it’s out I’m pretty unclear.  I think it’s a rogue-like experience, but I can’t say for certain.  I’d say I’m going to give it shot, but I genuinely don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it.

2018 has been an unruly year that just wont end.  I’d say that this was it for games, but apparently stealth releases are in vogue this month and maybe tomorrow Half Life 3 will just appear on Steam.  Who fucking knows anymore?  Knock it off 2018, go to bed already.


We Watched The Square Enix Press Briefing | E3 2018

The Final Fantasy VII remake is totally real.  Please believe us.


Shadow of The Tomb Raider

The show opened with a short sequence of a plane crashing which probably isn’t a great time for Lara Croft.  After that we cut to gameplay of Lara hiding in a tree and shooting a poisonous arrow at a guy that made him lose his mind before he ultimately died.  We then see her perform some takedowns on unsuspecting dudes before slathering herself in mud to blend into the environment. All of what we’re seeing here is stealth gameplay until Lara leaps out from the bushes to stab a dude in the face.  Somehow she escapes that situation unnoticed, only for her to throw an ignited gas canister on top of three dudes so she can watch them burn alive.

It looked pretty cool, but aside from some mud-rubbin’ I didn’t really see much that differentiates it from its predecessors.  Still, I like this series well enough to check it out when it releases later this year.


The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit

We saw some of this at Microsoft’s briefing, but we got a different look at it here.  We are quickly reminded that this isn’t Life is Strange 2, but an introduction to the world of Life is Strange.  It seems to build upon the idea that based on whatever adventure this kid imagines in his mind, you’ll get a new gameplay experience.  Whereas Life is Strange was built around rewinding time, this looks like it will allow for the player play with different kinds of mechanics based on the adventure.  But that’s just my best guess.

We’ll find out on June 26th when it releases for free.


Baylon’s Fall

It’s a Platinum game about slashing through some sort of medieval styled world.  Not much stood out to me here outside of the fact it looked like a Bayonetta game with an illusion to 4 player coop right at the end.  So it could be cool, but there’s not much to go on right now.


Just Cause 4

Taking place in South America, once again Rico Rodriguez is sent in to fight an oppressive regime and tornadoes.  There are claims that weather is going to be the big defining characteristic in this entry, blizzards and tornadoes being the highlights.  Also in addition to the rocket boosters and grappling hooks, you’ll get these cool balloons you can attach to things so you can make your enemies just slowly float away.  Looks pretty awesome, but we’ll see if it pans out.



The Quiet Man

What appeared to be an actual video of a man walking into an alley and getting heckled by stereotypical gang members, made a weird transition into gameplay of him brawling with them and kicking their asses.  Also he’s deaf.  Could this be The Bouncer sequel we’ve all been waiting for?  Perhaps.  We’ll learn more in August.

Then the conference just ended.  No mention of their Avengers project, no mention of the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the same incomprehensible Kingdom Hearts III trailer from the Microsoft briefing yesterday.

We Watched The Microsoft Press Briefing | E3 2018

Grab your game passes and get your asses in line, cause it’s Microsoft time.


Halo Infinite

No real info given outside of a trailer.  Seems as if they’re launching a platform for Halo as well as a campaign.  It’s unclear as to what makes this different enough to not call it Halo 6, but I’m definitely intrigued.


Ori & The Will of the Wisps

Following up the tremendous Ori & The Blind Forest is  something that very much appears like its predecessor with enhanced combat and more mobility options.  Not much info was given here aside from a general tone piece and some gameplay.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Initially I thought this was a Dark Souls-esque re-imagining of the Tenchu series.  While I wasn’t too far off, it has a different name and seem to have more exploration and mobility options.  Here we have something that invokes Bloodborne and God of War.  Time will tell if it’s as gross as those games, but it definitely is trying.


Fallout 76

It appears all the rumors were true and this is prequel to all other games.  It’s said to be 4 times the size of Fallout 4 and is a base building focused multiplayer game.  No surprises here.  More to come when we see it at the Bethesda Briefing.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

This is billed as a story in the same universe of Life is Strange, but not featuring the same characters.  With a focus on a young boy and his imagination, it looks like you’ll be seeing a bunch of fantastical stories with different settings, featuring him.  It’s releasing for free on June 26th.


Crackdown 3

Terry Crews is yelling a lot, while a virtual Terry Crews is blowing shit up, and driving up walls.  Nothing else really revealed.  Allegedly releasing early next year.


We Happy Few

We Happy Few seems to have pivoted from its survival roots and has become more story focused.  It shares a weird vibe with the Bioshock series which isn’t a bad thing.  I personally prefer this approach to their original pitch, but I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground with that one.  It’s out on August 10th.


The Division 2

They’re going for it with the setting and story.  Shit went real bad in Washington DC apparently.  It looks really good graphically but didn’t do much to differentiate itself from the original.  From what I gather the end of the trailer sets up the idea that you and your friends can storm other player run bases.




This was just one of those classic “indie game montages.”  I went ahead and picked out the games that looked interesting.

  • Afterparty
  • Outerwilds
  • Below
  • Conquerors Blade
  • Raji
  • Planet Alpha
  • Islands of Nine
  • Harold Halibut
  • The Wind Road
  • Ashen
  • Sable


Shadow of The Tomb Raider

What else can I say about this game?  If you liked the previous games or the Uncharted series, this is probably a safe bet as far as games you’ll enjoy.  If it builds upon the already rock solid formula of its predecessors, we’ll be in for another fantastic entry in the series.



Totally got my hopes up for Skate 4.  But where EA refuses to deliver, smaller studios will step in.  That’s what’s happening with Session.  I’ve played the very early demo they put out a while ago and I wasn’t terribly impressed.  Hopefully there have been big improvements since I’ve played it and it will fill that skateboard shaped hole in my heart.



This game still looks out of this fucking world.  It’s a Zelda-esque, isometric action-adventure game that looks charming as all hell.  I humbly request that Tunic is released this moment.






Dying Light 2

More parkour, more zombies.  Actually they really didn’t show any zombies, there was way more human drama.  I prefer the focus on the people rather than the zombies, honestly.  There’s a big focus on player choice, for example they showed dialogue options that effect your standing with various factions, which in turn, effect the world and missions you do.



No footage to show, but it has 3 player co-op.  So yeah.


Just Cause 4

It’s Just Cause.  You know what this game is.  It might as well be called “Grappling Hooks and Explosions” at this point.  It looked pretty neat, although then again, so did JC3.  They showed a tornado, so that could be fun.


Gears Pop!

What if Gears of war, but Funko Pop and on phones?  Huh?  I guess that’s what this is.  God help us all.


Gears Tactics

Looks like a tower defense, X-Com looking game.  They really breezed through this announcement.

chrome 6/10/2018 , 11:30:57 PM (2) Xbox - Twitch - Google Chrome

Gears 5

No “of War” on these games.  It’s perplexing.  They’re really leaning into the story with this trailer, and as someone who has not finished Gears of War 4, I have no idea what’s going on.  But it looks like a personal journey featuring the lady from Gears of War 4.  It looks nice and has cover shooting.






Cyberpunk 2077

I wasn’t a huge fan of The Witcher 3 mostly because of its setting.  Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be everything I wanted out of the Witcher, but with more guns and neon.  Sign me the hell up.