Blog: Housekeeping – 05/15/19

Guys, I’ll be real here and just say I don’t have anything ready for today.  I’ve been focusing on school and work and general upkeep of my home and life a lot this week, and video games kind of fell by the wayside.  As of writing this, I am looking forward to trying out Rage 2, but that’s only after I go food shopping, clean my place, pay some bills and do laundry.

While I haven’t really played any games, there are two things worth mentioning.  On Friday, there’s going to be a new feature on the website that I’m pretty excited about.  It’s a Dungeons & Dragons focused feature, so if you’re not into that, you probably won’t like this.  But if you want to just read about some of my tactics as a DM, my writing process, or just some fun mishaps from game sessions, I think you’ll be into it.  It’s called ‘The Master of Disaster,’ and it’ll be out this Friday.

The other thing that’s been looming over this site for some time now, is the video stuff.  Videos are hard, guys.  There’s some stuff that’s currently in pre-production as well as a few things that are currently in post, but nothing I’m willing to talk about more in-depth at the moment.  But, if you’re one of the people wondering where the videos are, here’s your answer: Soon… probably.

But yeah, no weird introspective musings about games and friendship this week.  Might try to write a piece about Rage 2 for next week should the game inspire me to do so, but you can check out my piece on Dauntless from earlier this week if you missed it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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