Blog: Quarantine – 03/18/20

Who could have imagined things were going to turn out the way they have?  From social distancing to quarantines, curfews and event cancellations, I can safely say I did not see this coming when I celebrated the New Year a little over 3 months ago.  So here I am, doing my part to distance myself from everyone else, bored out of my mind and desperately trying to not succumb to cabin fever.  But let me make it clear that my gripes and boredom are far from actual problems.  I know there are people out there suffering and worse off than I am.

Like most of you out there, COVID-19 has led to the closing of my job with procedures in place to work from home for certain employees.  I unfortunately am not one of those employees and thus, I’m out on my ass without any income for the foreseeable future, because who the fuck is hiring right now?  I’m also technically on an extended spring break, which means I don’t have any homework to worry about for the next two weeks.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well it’s because I need to illustrate just how empty and devoid of anything my schedule is.  I have nothing to do aside from play video games and write about them.  Although I do get this chance to watch all of the movies and shows I groused about not having time for in the past, so there’s that.

It’s like we all were collectively complaining about not having time to enjoy things, so the universe, being the bro that it is, decided to give us all plenty of time to stay home and enjoy ourselves.  Except I’m only one day into this quarantine and I’m losing my mind and want to go back to work.

Writing this along with some of the other things I’m working on, are helpful distractions to help get me through this nebulous break.  I’m basically having production meetings with myself about what I want to accomplish over the next few weeks.  I’m giving myself deadlines and working hours in an effort to maintain some normalcy.

While trying to cling to normalcy though, it’s important to realize that this situation is anything but.  This isn’t normal.  The entire world has essentially stopped and no one is sure of when it will start going again.  But it will start going again, and we all have to recognize that.  It will be a long and difficult journey for sure, but the way it is now won’t be the way it is forever.  I have to believe that.  But until we return to some modicum of normalcy, please stay indoors, avoid public gatherings, wash your fucking hands, and buy all the toilet paper you can because the good folks at Charmin hid the vaccine in several rolls.  It’s like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in a sense, except it’s nothing like that and the people doing it are assholes.

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