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Blog: All the Time in the World – 04/08/20

So here we are, week 46 of social distancing, with nothing but time on our hands to finally do all of those things we so desperately wanted to do but never had the opportunity.  Yet even with all of this time to pursue passion projects, I can’t seem to find the motivation to start anything, and end up sinking into a more comfortable, time-killing routine…

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Blog: Quarantine – 03/18/20

Who could have imagined things were going to turn out the way they have?  From social distancing to quarantines, curfews and event cancellations, I can safely say I did not see this coming when I celebrated the New Year a little over 3 months ago.  So here I am, doing my part to distance myself from everyone else, bored out of my mind and desperately trying to not succumb to cabin fever…