Coming Clean: I Will Never Play These Games

I've been living a lie for a very long time now. I've deluded myself and maintained these misguided beliefs for too long, and it's high time I came clean and admitted the truth to myself. There are games I will never play, that I own and have installed right now. For months and in some cases years, I've had these games ready to go at a moment's notice. Now it's time to let go, uninstall them and let them live on eternally as painful memories of money I once had.

I’m Just Not Good Enough for Absolver

I suppose the most direct analogue to Absolver would be the Dark Souls series. I haven’t played enough of either games to make that connection myself, but at a cursory glance they seem to share a lot of the same mechanics. This is troubling for me because I’ve never been a fan of the Dark Souls games, mostly because I’m not up to their challenge. Also because I’m not a sadist.