Building a New Splinter Cell

if Hitman and Metal Gear could reboot themselves so successfully, Splinter Cell should be able to as well. While it's easy to say that Splinter Cell should just do the same thing those games did, it can't. There are fundamental differences in the way those games play that just don't translate perfectly. But if we were to cherry pick elements from either of those games to slot into a new Splinter Cell, I bet you'd come back with something pretty good...

Coming Clean: I Will Never Play These Games

I've been living a lie for a very long time now. I've deluded myself and maintained these misguided beliefs for too long, and it's high time I came clean and admitted the truth to myself. There are games I will never play, that I own and have installed right now. For months and in some cases years, I've had these games ready to go at a moment's notice. Now it's time to let go, uninstall them and let them live on eternally as painful memories of money I once had.