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Blog: Blasted Borderlands – 08/05/20

A few days ago I was gifted a copy of Borderlands 3, the latest entry in a long running loot driven shooter series I’ve always been lukewarm on at the best of times. There are a lot of reasons that I didn’t rush out to purchase the game when it released last year, but a friend of mine displayed his overwhelming generosity by purchasing me a copy in our latest attempt at finding a game that we could play together. At the time of writing this we haven’t actually been able to synchronize our schedules and play together, but I have put a little bit of time into Borderlands 3 regardless…

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E3 2019: Microsoft

Microsoft took the stage at this year’s E3 with what might be the most exciting and interesting lineup of games, hardware and services. This is what they brought to the biggest stage in gaming this year that caught my eye…