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Hoop Dreams

Like a good chair, video games can provide a sense of comfort and security despite their subject matter.  Maybe you play League of Legends every night, or World of Warcraft religiously, or something else entirely, but odds are that there’s a game you keep coming back to when there’s nothing else to play.  For me, I sink dozens and dozens of hours into the NBA 2K series of games because I’m a massive fan of the sport along with the games themselves.  That’s not a qualitative statement however, because I think there’s tons of room for improvement in the series, from bug fixes to features, and even new modes entirely…

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Blog: Perpetual Motion – 03/25/20

There’s this particular cadence and pace of game releases that’s only increased over the years that’s made covering games a more selective and less complete experience.  Covering everything is a fruitless endeavor that only leads to a jaded outlook on games along with a healthy does of burnout.  I bring this up only because I noticed a handful of the games I missed out on last year were on sale, but I had no desire to dip into them now…

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Blog: Hertz Me – 02/12/20

Since I built my computer back in 2016, I’ve been kind of bolting new baubles and trinkets to it in an effort to stave off obsolescence.  At some point the rubber is going to hit the road, vis-à-vis me having to build a new computer from the ground up, but for the time being, I’m okay with my Frankenstein’s monster of a computer, especially now that I purchased a shiny new monitor…

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Blog: NBA 2K20 is a Bummer – 09/11/19

The promise of a realistic simulation of the only sport I really care about was obviously alluring, and the in more recent years, the video game itself was the catalyst for me following its real life counterpart again. That’s why it’s such a shame that this latest entry in the series is so underwhelming and broken it is…