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5 Games I Didn’t Finish This Year

Every year I find myself struggling to find the time or energy to power through a particular game for one reason or another.  Sometimes it’s because of a glut of releases, and other times it’s just the game itself repelling me from it.  This year I’d like to highlight the games that I just couldn’t bring myself to finish this year…

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Blog: Time to Unwind – 07/24/19

Since a few days ago when I posted my piece on the first few hours with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, I can’t say that I’ve played much else. That isn’t because I’m so head over heels for the game, rather, I just haven’t played anything that’s really revved my engine as of late.

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E3 2019: Nintendo

Ah Nintendo, it wasn’t too long ago that everyone made fun of you for making the most backwards decisions possible. While you still make some absolutely bonkers choices, you’ve earned a ton of goodwill since the Switch launched…