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Blog: Perpetual Motion – 03/25/20

There’s this particular cadence and pace of game releases that’s only increased over the years that’s made covering games a more selective and less complete experience.  Covering everything is a fruitless endeavor that only leads to a jaded outlook on games along with a healthy does of burnout.  I bring this up only because I noticed a handful of the games I missed out on last year were on sale, but I had no desire to dip into them now…

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Blog: Unhealthy Relationships – 07/11/18

Every time that I end up playing Overwatch, I’m reminded how mechanically sound and charming that damn game is. On its surface, it’s a pleasant game to play and look at. It’s so weird that every time that I finish a session of playing it, I end up feeling angry or dejected. I can probably attribute it to the constant ass-beatings I end up getting from game to game.