Exploring My Biases Against Certain Genres and Mechanics

Have you ever seen a trailer for a game and immediately knew it wasn't for you? This happens to me consistently, and all it usually takes is a trailer or screenshot for me to see the mechanics at play to know a game isn't for me. While I try to keep an open mind about every game, it's a challenge for me to look at certain mechanics or genres and still feel compelled to play it despite what the critical reception is...

Blog: Unhealthy Relationships – 07/11/18

Every time that I end up playing Overwatch, I'm reminded how mechanically sound and charming that damn game is. On its surface, it's a pleasant game to play and look at. It's so weird that every time that I finish a session of playing it, I end up feeling angry or dejected. I can probably attribute it to the constant ass-beatings I end up getting from game to game.