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I Hate Bunny Day

Like most of the world, I’m dedicating a lot of time to the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a game which I absolutely adore.  The simple pleasure of just building and maintaining my own island has been, among other things, therapeutic.  That is until April 1st rolled around and every Animal Crossing: New Horizons player got pranked at the same time by a giant asshole dressed up like a bunny…

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Blog: Perpetual Motion – 03/25/20

There’s this particular cadence and pace of game releases that’s only increased over the years that’s made covering games a more selective and less complete experience.  Covering everything is a fruitless endeavor that only leads to a jaded outlook on games along with a healthy does of burnout.  I bring this up only because I noticed a handful of the games I missed out on last year were on sale, but I had no desire to dip into them now…

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Doing its Best

You probably already know if Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the kind of game you would be into, but for me it’s been a crucial part of my social distancing coping mechanism.  I absolutely adore the game and could write an entire piece gushing about it.  However, I feel kind of bad for Animal Crossing: New Horizons because it’s been thrust into a position I can’t imagine it was ever intended to be in…

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Still Kinda Lame

Counter to the excitement and positivity surrounding the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest publicly available game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched as, and still remains a letdown.  That isn’t to say there aren’t good aspects or fun to be had in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but as a game, it lacks a lot…

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Blog: Nintendorama – 01/09/19

I’ve been toiling away in the Nintendo mines lately, chipping away at some of my ever expanding backlog when I came to the incredibly rare and never before talked about realization that those folks at Nintendo know how to make fun games.