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Tag: The Outer Wilds

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Blog: Perpetual Motion – 03/25/20

There’s this particular cadence and pace of game releases that’s only increased over the years that’s made covering games a more selective and less complete experience.  Covering everything is a fruitless endeavor that only leads to a jaded outlook on games along with a healthy does of burnout.  I bring this up only because I noticed a handful of the games I missed out on last year were on sale, but I had no desire to dip into them now…

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5 Games I Didn’t Finish This Year

Every year I find myself struggling to find the time or energy to power through a particular game for one reason or another.  Sometimes it’s because of a glut of releases, and other times it’s just the game itself repelling me from it.  This year I’d like to highlight the games that I just couldn’t bring myself to finish this year…

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Blog: Nobody Puts Game Pass in the Corner – 06/12/19

There are tons of different services out there that provide what essentially is, “The Netflix of Games.” With EA’s Origin Access, the upcoming Google Stadia, the recently announced Ubisoft+, Discord’s Nitro offerings and so on and so forth. But let me tell you about what might be the best and most exciting one of all…

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Blog: Calm Before the Storm – 06/05/19

Next week the video game world goes bonkers with announcements and news that tantalize us with all the shiny new things to come in the near future. So before that happens, I wanted to just do one last games roundup before the storm hits and my motivation to continue playing these titles dries up…